My Summer in America

Hey everyone.

I have never been on a plane by myself before, I never been to America before, in fact, I have never been outside of Europe before. So, this was the perfect time for me to see more of the world and work in the country I have always wanted to visit.

I came across AmeriCamp, who help young people to work as a camp counsellor or support staff at children’s summer camps all across America. There are different organistions out there you can go with but AmeriCamp were the perfect organisation for me, lower costs, higher salaries and of course all the free biscuits! They have allowed me to work in America and I could not be anymore grateful; from the application process, to applying for my visa, the AmeriCamp staff have always been there to answer my million questions and help me fulfil my dreams of working in the States.

So on Friday 3rd June, I will be making my way to Manchester Airport, ready to start my adventure to America! I will be jetting off to New York, then another plane to Vermont on the Saturday; where I will be spending three weeks training and then the rest of the summer working as a camp counsellor until 20th August. I will be teaching a range of activities and going on camping trips with the children.

After camp, I will have 1 week of travel before going off to New York City; to start the New York After Party set up by AmeriCamp. 5 days in New York, seeing the best attractions along with meeting other AmeriCampers. New places, new memories and new friends, what could be better!

It only feels like yesterday when I decided to apply for this wonderful opportunity and now I fly out on friday! My summer of a lifetime is only days away and I cannot wait to get out there and live the dream!

I will try my best to upload a small post every now and again for you all to see how I am getting on, along with vlogs and pictures of my travels after camp, but I cannot promise anything.

So, I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I will speak to you all very soon.

2 thoughts on “My Summer in America

    1. I would definitely recommend it. I found the process quite easy actually, you always know what needs to be done thanks to their reminders and what to do page, so you never miss anything out.
      If I ever did have any problems though or was confused on what to do, their staff on the other side of the phone were amazing and always had the answers to any questions I had. They are there with you every step of the way.

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