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I am sure most of you have seen youtubers post the ‘Draw my Life’ videos over the past few years. Yesterday, I was nominated by Chloe to do my very own ‘Draw my Life’ post, but instead of a video, we use pictures and writing (I apologise for the bad drawings). I hope you enjoy.

8:26pm on Sunday, 5th February 1995, a little girl named Rachel was born (and you guessed it, that is me), and for me, it was not the easiest of times for a little baby after being born. Unfortunately, due to the ‘equipment’ used, it gave me a rather big shock and well, I stopped breathing and turned blue, yes a blue baby!

Luckily, I started breathing again and was a healthy baby (Apologises to my mum and dad for scaring you like that, I guess I was just preparing you for what was to come…)!

I moved house when I was 2 years old and we are still here to this day, I grew up living with my mum, dad and brother, and we now have a very cute West Highland Terrior called Hollie.

I was always outside as a child, whether this be playing in the back garden, creating dens with children on my street, or learning to ride a bike (and fall into a holly bush). Yes, it did hurt! I think me and bikes did not have a good relationship when I was growing up, I now have a scar after falling off and getting a stone in my knee!

I gained a black belt in Karate when I was 10, and came 4th in the British Championships! Although I do say I technically came first out of the girls (it was a mixed competition).

5th July 2012, a date that I will never forget, and all for the wrong reasons! I was diagnosed with a tumour on my pituitary gland (base of the brain), and was put on medication straightaway. The medication was helping and my symptoms were getting better, but at Christmas time of that year, I took a turn for the worse and my symptoms were back (and worse). My (first) Consultant told me it was just stress from exams, and these symptoms were normal, but as I knew my body, I just would not go away without an answer.

I was told to double the dose of my medication straightaway and I should be feeling better (of course, when a consultant tells you something, you listen, as they know what they are doing right?!….Wrong!). My life definitely got worse because of this decision, I could not cope with any medications and developed a number of side effects, from; insomnia, nausea, no appetite (ended up losing 2 stone in 6 months), even more headaches and dizziness.

I also managed to pass my driving test and get my braces off, so it was not all bad I guess!

In 2013, I ended up having to stay on an extra year in Sixth Form, I failed some A Levels and as I wanted to go to University, I just knew I had to stay and try again! Fortunately this year, I went to see my third Consultant and finally found a team who were truly amazing! I had found a wonderful surgeon and an endocrinologist who was simply brilliant!

27th January 2014 saw the day of my operation! I said goodbye to the tumour once and for all after a tough 2 years. My surgeon said I may need radiotherapy after it due to how close it was to an artery. This was not the case however, all of the tumour had been removed and I was back to my normal self. I will be forever grateful! The operation did result in mild anxiety for a around 6 months, but thankfully, I was able to overcome this, I still have small moments, but I am all good!

I also passed my A Levels and made it University, and what a 3 years it has been!

I do feel like I rushed into University. At the time, I felt that I had lost a year and needed to go straightaway, but I am still glad I went. I am only a few months away from graduating, and it has definitely been a crazy, weird and wonderful time! I ended up living in halls of residence for the first 2 years, and I ended up having the best time ever! The people I lived with and met, it was just a truly wonderful experience!

2016 was a wonderful year! I got the 2 years all clear from my tumour and I had to have an ultrasound scan to see if I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Luckily, I had no cysts on my ovaries and my blood results were in the normal range. One of the results however, were high in the normal range, so I will need to go for a check up next month to see what happens next!

I finally had the courage to go out of my comfort zone. Yes, I applied for AmeriCamp, allowing me to spend 13 weeks in the States; 11 weeks at a girls summer camp, training and working with children; teaching daily activities, taking pictures of activities and taking them on canoeing and hiking trips, oh, and how could I forget the s’smores round the campfire! This was honestly the best thing I have ever done and I cannot wait to go back one day!

Camp was then followed by 2 weeks of travel!! Pennsylvania, Niagara Falls, Boston, Washington DC and the truly incredible New York City, I mean, what a city!! It was definitely an amazing summer, and one I wont forget anytime soon.

I also started writing for my blog properly, I took it more seriously, and well, I just fell in love with it! Who would have thought Little Life of Rachel would be where it is today, my end of 2016 goal was to reach 250 followers, and now I am just over 300! It is crazy to think people actually read what I write, and sometimes like it and get in touch with me! This has definitely been one of them decisions I am glad I had the confidence to try and actually carry on with it.

At the start of 2017, as I sit here looking back on the past few years, I can finally say I am in a much happier place. The things I have been through have been awful at times, but they have made me so much stronger! I feel more confident, I feel happier with who I am, and I finally know what I want with my life!

Bring on the next stage of life. A happier Rachel, doing things I love, not caring what anyone else things, and give it 100%. See many more countries and just be happy! Bring on 2017!

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34 thoughts on “Draw my Life | Blogger Edition

  1. This is the cutest thing I’ve read all day. Sounds like an amazing experience and something to learn so much from! I hope this year is good to you lovely. Loved this post! x

  2. What a journey!! So glad to hear that you’ve gone two years tumor-free ❤❤. And your trip to the US sounds fantastic! I grew up right outrside New York City and it’s a heck of a place! But actually, Wales is on the top of my travel to-do list!


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