That Oh So Cute Bracelet

Trying to match certain jewellery pieces with a certain outfit can often feel like a huge and sometimes difficult task. However, after receiving this cute and unique bracelet from Becky, I feel like I have found a piece of jewellery that can go with any outfit look for day or night.

Jewellery is something that can make an outfit, and sometimes break one. So why not go simple?! This bracelet is perfect for that, and best of all, it is unique, so you wont end up looking the same as someone else.

The cute design allows the bracelet to be made into any size you wish for which is amazing! I have very slim wrists, so finding a bracelet that actual fits me can be a problem sometimes, however, with this piece of jewellery, I have no problems at all.

This cute and simple bracelet is wonderful for every day use and I simply love it! I mean, look at it, it is unique and special, and who would not love the super adorable leaf charm which has been made to last, it feels strong and of a good quality! With the start of spring coming up, it feels great to wear this bracelet, a more of a, hello again leaves and goodbye to the cold days of Autumn and Winter. I love it.

Huge thank you to Becky for sending me this, you have done a fantastic job!

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