April Favourites 2017

Hey everyone.

After not blogging properly for a few months, it is great to say I am finally back! I only have one assignment left for University, so it is definitely not as stressful as it has been over the past few months. So it is great to be able to think about writing a post.

As it is now May (where did that time go), it only seems right to upload the things I loved in April; from my favourite makeup, skincare products and even TV shows.

Estée Lauder – Perfectly Clean Triple Action Cleanser/Toner/Makeup Remover

My skin had been all over the place in March/April; from dry to oily, to normal, combination, then dry again; so I decided I had enough of my current skincare products and needed to try something new. This resulted in me replacing everything with Estée Lauder products. The Perfectly Clean Triple Action Cleanser has been the perfect addition for my skin. My skin feels smooth and more radiant then it has ever been, and it is perfect for removing makeup and dirt, as well as hydrating my skin at the same time. I have fallen in love with this product, and I know for a fact I will be repurchasing this again.

Estée Lauder – Advanced Night Repair

The night repair costs £53.00 for 30ml, and is definitely worth the money! It is perfect for using before bed after applying the Perfectly Clean Triple Action Cleanser. The serum helps to smooth and radiate the skin, and has worked wonders on mine. I am currently so happy with my skin at the moment, and I honestly think this product is the reason why! It helps to tone, refresh, radiate skin and even helps with early signs of ageing. This product is amazing!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – Chantilly 

In previous months, I have found to have an on and off relationship with this concealer, but this past month, I have found myself loving it once again. With my skin now how I want it be, this concealer has been a great product to use to help cover those dark circles under the eyes and any unwanted spots.

Technic Cosmetics Juicy Stick

I was very fortunate to be sent some products from Technic Cosmetics a few weeks back. I did not love this product to start with, and I felt the colour was not right for a day to day look for me. However, after using it for a number of days, and with little application, I have started to like the colour, and I now find myself reaching for it for my everyday makeup look when I have no time to search through other lipstick colours.

Line of Duty

As many of you might have heard; the fourth series of Line of Duty has recently been on, and the nation has fallen in love with AC-12. Line of Duty has been a favourite show of mine since it first aired back in 2012, and it always leaves me in so much shock and confusion, but always ends in me wanting to see more. The whole idea and stories are just amazing, with the acting being fantastic! No matter what you think is going to happen; something else always pops up to puzzle your mind. If you love police dramas, and programmes trying to catch ‘bent coppers’, with a series being fast paced, interesting and leaving you with many questions, then Line of Duty is definitely the programme for you!

FitBit Charge 2

I have been wanting a FitBit for a while now, and finally decided to order one at the start of April, and I am so glad I did. This is perfect for me, helping me with my current fitness plans; keeping track of how many steps I have done, notifying me to walk so many steps each hour, tracking my heartbeat, as well as analysing my sleep. It has been a great purchase so far, and if you are thinking of buying one, then just go for it.

April has definitely been a crazy and busy month, but it has been a great one. Do you have any favourite products that I should try out?

27 thoughts on “April Favourites 2017

    1. It is amazing right!! I love it so much. I have been wanting to start Big Little Lies, so that may have to be my next watch. Oooh, I have not heard of that before, will have to check it out x

  1. Great post! I have actually just tweeted tonight asking for advice about a Fitbit Charge 2 – I’m going to go order one now! Thank you 🙂 I also love the sound of the Estée Lauder products.

  2. I am with you on the Nars concealer! When I found it I instantly fell in love as the coverage is amazing. Plus, I am so pale and it actually matches my skin colour. Also, I am glad you love your FitBit. When I wear mine, I somehow feel like I have been so much more active because I am constantly trying to get more steps in my day haha x
    Claire |

    1. I wasn’t a fan of it when I first bought it, but as I finally have my skin how I want it, it is wonderful. There is nothing better then the perfect skin match! Yes, it’s helping me so much at the moment x

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