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Trip to Falmouth

Hey everyone.

A month has past seen I last posted; saying I would upload more regularly, I am sorry that this has not been the case. I had no inspiration for posts, and did not feel like blogging at all, and this carried on over the last few weeks. It is annoying to not have motivation for it, or feeling like you do not want to continue anymore. However, I am getting back into it slowly, and will still be uploading.

The other week, my mum and I took a 7 hour road trip to Falmouth, as my brother was moving out of university. As I ended up taking a few pictures, I thought it would be a nice idea to post some of the pictures I took.

From visiting the harbour; to walking down the cobbled streets of Falmouth, it was definitely a lovely get away for a night.


After exploring the cute streets, it only seemed right to head to a Fish and Chip restaurant (brothers recommendation). Considering I am not a fish fan, I actually enjoyed the food!


Whenever I visit Falmouth, I always make sure to take a walk along the harbour; seeing the boats and calming water is wonderful to look out to, helping you to appreciate life, and to truly feel relaxed.


  • Jacket – New Look
  • Top – Miss Selfridge
  • Jeans – New Look
  • Shoes – Deichmann
  • Clutch Bag – Accessorize

Falmouth is such a cute and wonderful place to visit, and after finding a pub with a small book shop/library inside (yes, there actually was, and it was a cute, small, lovely place), I am looking forward to be travelling down there again next month. With so many places to eat and visit, there is definitely something for everyone in this part of Cornwall.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Falmouth

  1. Wow Falmouth looks so pretty and what’s a day out without Fish and Chips. Don’t rush putting a post up if your heart isn’t in it we will all understand. Great post tho by the way xxx

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