Graduating from University | 2017

It actually happened! I have officially graduated from Edge Hill University! Crazy right! After 3 stressful, hard, yet amazing 3 years, my time at University has officially come to an end, and I cannot quite believe it.

It is hard to believe that I started my University journey back in 2014, and I am now saying goodbye to the place. The place that created amazing friends, built my confidence and helped me to start enjoying life again. It is definitely a place I will hold dear to me, and will always be grateful for everyone that helped me to achieve what I did.

With graduation finally here, it only seemed right to create a post on it. 20th July 2017 came round quicker than expected and the big day was finally here. I had a lot of debate and going back and forth to what felt like hundreds of dresses, but finally went for a simple black and white dress from Michelle Keegan’s collection at Lipsy, something that was pretty, yet comfortable. I opted for some small heels that I have worn before, so I knew I would not be in pain or have any problems with them (how wrong was I).

As soon as I arrived at around 8:30am, I headed off to the Business School to collect my robes. Once they were fitted, I had to go and officially register and let them know I was actually turning up to graduate. With registration on the other side of campus, I made my way over with the family, and I felt like I was living a dream! Halfway through this walk however, I realised I had completely forgot about taking plasters (I guess I was too busy focusing on my makeup, that I did not even think about it). Registration was done and my heels were killing me at this point, so off course I had a look, and I was greeted by blood on both feet (TMI, I know). Only I could have this happen to me!! To top it off, the small blisters I thought would clear up actually became infected that night after it being exposed to germs before buying plasters! You could not make this up, of course this would happen to me. Thankfully the plasters helped a lot though when eventually on, and my feet were comfortable and gave me no bother for the rest of the day!

As I was asked to be one of the Universities Graduate Success stories, I was able to have my photograph taken by the official University photographers. I must admit, I felt very glam and wonderful at this point. The time before the ceremony went by very quickly, and with no time to take any pictures with family and friends, it was time to head into the ceremony. This was a surreal moment for me, it was not real right?! I mean, it still does not feel like it actually happened sometimes.

The ceremony was the perfect end to the most amazing 3 years! “Not only brains, but beauty too, you should be so proud” – With the most amazing words and motivational speech from our Chancellor; our Queen, Tanya Byron! From making fun of politics, to referring to all the professors as the cast of Harry Potter, it was just the speech we needed. When Tanya mentioned the fact we are family, and we are more than welcome to come back, it did make me feel emotional, we are Edge Hill graduates, so we are “resilient and determined”, and it is definitely a speech I will always look back on. I thought this would never happen, I never thought I would be able to get into University, let alone complete it, but when you think of everything us graduates have been through, there is no surprise that our emotions do switch a lot throughout this amazing day.

Of course I had to do the whole throwing the cap in the air picture, but lets just say the first attempt did not quite go to plan (the cap accidentally hit someone in the face)! Forever failing at this so called life. Haha!


My time at University is over, just like that! From getting lost on the first day, to meeting the most crazy and wonderful people and the campus ducks and ‘Disney like’ animals, to those fantastic nights in the SU every Wednesday, and to those film nights with one of my flatmates; watching High School Musical, Camp Rock and scary films. My time at Edge Hill has been amazing, I could not have asked for more!

University has helped me so much, and if you are thinking about going, then look into it, yes it was tough at times, and yes I did nearly drop out, but I am so glad I stuck with it, it has definitely changed my life for the better.

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