Lake District Love

I am back posting again! What is this madness you ask! Yes, after what feels like years away from blogging, I am back! I have been too busy to even think about posts recently which is sad, but I am determined to finally put the much needed time and effort into this, and create content I am happy with, and hopefully post consistently!!

Anyway, I am currently on holiday! I am staying in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, only surrounded by lakes and nature. What more could a girl possibly want?

When it comes to a family holiday at this time of year, we always try our best to book a cottage, somewhere we can relax and be away from the stress of everyday life. Of course we had to go to the Lake District, take our dog and enjoy the relaxation of walks and a log fire in the evening.

Pictures does not really do this place justice, it is truly a beautiful part of the country.

There is just something about being by a lake, you instantly feel calm and happy. Seeing people in canoes and kayaks brought back many happy memories of my 3 months in America last year. It made me realise that all I want to do in life is travel, and one day I will achieve that dream; that goal.

Autumn really is one of my favourite seasons, seeing the colours change to oranges and reds, having them colder, crisp mornings and knowing that December is only just round the corner! It is a wonderful feeling.

I have been taking too many pictures on this holiday, so make sure to head over to my Instagram to see more pictures over the next few days!

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